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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Ways of Thinking About the Political Process Politics and the Policy Process "The activity by which rival claims are settled by public authorities" Rival: underlines that politics is competitive (over finite political resources, like public finance) Other finite PR: public attention, legislative time (limited time to put forth a legislation) So, what are the priorities? Claims: they are demands which are expressed and channeled through the political system Equality of public services More even plain field of opportunities Not all demands can be addressed; can't take for granted that the demand will be there either Public: what is required is a collective response to the demands The power of the collective will has to be the hardest Issues cannot be addressed simply by individuals Understanding what is public or private is inherently political Authority: to engage the power of the state If you want to change something in a state, you will need to send your demands to an authority figure Sociology is political science without the state Political process Problems with DEFINITION Changing a private to a public service/thing/service What is private and what is public? Who should manage what? e.g. Child care If only private, then responsibility to manage participation is a private responsibility (mothers) To make it public, we need resources to make it happen Redefining the issue: should only women bear the consequences of reproduction? Inequitable Should not As a result, those burdens should be shared and be collectivized Reasons for maternity insurance How to get a claim to the authorities? There might be demands, but no group to organize the response Demands will be responded if There are potential for getting more votes on next elections Lobbying Bringing concerns directly to policy makers is legitimate and important These groups provide a level of information of policy that they wou
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