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Lecture 2

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

The "-Isms" Socialism Classical Associated with Marx Ultimate goal is the destruction of social classes Egalitarian Economic differences should not be the basic structure of political/economical life Workers' rights Unionism Bargaining Society as a collective, not the sum of individuals Welfare of society is maximized through economic and social planning High tolerance of gov. intervention in economy and other aspects of human life Contemporary Blurring of the left and the right Society is more than the sum of individuals Still an idea of the collective Does accept basic capitalism Allows the market to work to a certain degree Allows for a sphere of operations, but places strong regulations Gov. intervention is required in order to address fundamental discrimination Not just economic Also, gender and race discrimination Retribution of wealth Liberalism Classical/market Gov. intervention is somehow inappropriate "Doctor of humans rights" Destruction of economic division Primacy of the individual All men create equal and naturally free No one has rights to rule another The legitimacy of the ruler is the consent of the government Powers are limited Government should act to protect liberty, and never try to harming property of liberty If a gov. acts illegitimately, people can go against the government Society is the sum of its individual members Maximum collective welfare is reached through free market economy Contemporary Minimal welfare state is appropriate Industries can be regulated to protect the environment Taxing is appropriate to guarantee a minimum standard Equal opportunities Capitalism requires a strong state To guarantee property rights To be able to enforce a lot of contracts To assure that one's property won't be taken by another Conservatism Classical Society is more than the sum of its
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