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Lecture 5

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Mock Exam Definitions Sections of Constitution Identification READINGS Short/essay questions Federal bargain...?? Regionalism in Canada What is it? A territorialization of politics Idea that we can do different things in different spaces Addresses diversity and different preferences A region can have an impact without being described just as a province Regions are not somehow natural Allowing the possibility that region can be defined through various criteria Geography Creates a natural division Economics e.g. Prairies vs Atlantic provinces History Patterns of immigration create locations that are more similar in terms of culture e.g. Manitoba and Alberta Politics The thoughts and the interests of the political actors of that location Regional diversity cannot be reduced to discussions about federalism Montreal Boudreau's article Creating a regional architecture, there has to be a reason for it, other than just creating another level of bureaucracy To create a certain region, you have to understand the interests of the political actors A new territorial arrangement alters the politics of that new region Losers and winners Perception Interests and ideas Who does it benefit? Case study of Montreal Urban politics should happen differently The push for a megacity To compete with the New Yorks, and the Londons, and Shanghais GLOBALIZATION Being able to harness greater efficiencies in an urban settings By creating a larger structure, you could achieve the redistribution of economical disparities Urban politics are critical to satisfying personal interests of provinces Anglophones Mostly against the mega-city View it would be against their interests Perpetuating Regionalism Federal election 1997 Liberal seats from Ontario: 101 Liberal seats in House: 155 Chretien's majority government was built upon Ontario Usually, parties are competitive on the provincial levels e.g. Saskatchewan party, PQ Management Central institutions House of Commons Rep. of provinces by population Senate Rep. of provinces by equality 24 maritimes 24 Ontario 24 Quebec 24 Western canada 6 Newfoundland/Labrado 1 for each territory Not the most efficient Problem is that it's an appointed body Factor that erodes the usefulness of the Senate Its ability to represent and be the voice of provinces is tarnished Cabinet Forms the executive and nerve centre of the government PM's job to choose to form it But chooses among members of parliament Can pick the people in his party that are in the Senate What are the rules to pick the members? One of the convention is that the cabinet should be reflective of Canada Informal representative function Big part of repre
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