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POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Nationalism and Federalism in Canada Nationalism No scientific definition Concept of nationhood is a concept that is identified by our later stages of history The nationalists justify the definition as an old concept Ernest Renan 1882 What is a Nation? Large scale solidarity Benedict Anderson Imagined Community It is an act of human imagination Nation building is a process of creation and nations are not to be objectively understood To be Canadian Holy Trinity Tim Hortons Hockey Healthcare system George Grant Peace ordering and good government Defining a nation by Ethnicity Blood line Ancestry Religion More nations use these principles more strongly than others Theory of political loyalty Links and identify the members of the community in a physically determined way Ideal nationalism What binds us together is about a set of values Regardless of who were born into, should we choose to abide to certain values, it can make us belong to a nation Theory of equality of opportunities Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Common value that binds the USA Federalism More cut and dry than nationalism Fundamentally a way of designing a government Institutional structure Minimum definition Involves the division of power between at least two levels of government There is some level of guarantee autonomy for each level of government Never complete centralization Same land, same people All of the citizens within the federation are also subject to a province/territory Two loyalties One to the province/territory One to the overall federal government For Trudeau (P-E) A product of reason and judgement A constitutional design based on fundamental reflexions Samuel La Selva A moral philosophy Talks about the division of power Important to have a division, so that no power is absolute The Founding Visions Confederation 1867 A proposal for both division and unity John A. MacDonald and George-Etienne Cartier When nationalism and federalism came together The breaking apart of Lower Canada and Upper Canada Federal government with 4 provinces Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia John A. Believed the states of the USA had too much power George-Etienne Interested in finding an arrangement which will protect local diversity and economy Gives power important spheres of autonomy Sees Canadian federalism as a way of embracing different ways of life Canada can create something stronger than if everybody was apart, but which will ensure the autonomy of people at the local level Canada is a bold political experiment Those that are different can imagine themselves to bind together and make it work Starting point was national diversity USA starting point was national unity Compact Theories Who are the underlying parties to this covenant? Compact of Nations Two linguistically and ethnically different nations French, English Catholics, Protestants "Two races" Compact of Provinces All provinces have a veto on the decision of who we are and what we do Equal rights But unanimity isn't required, just the majority Constitutional Amendment 1867 Can't decide on a domestic formula Issue Does Quebec get a veto when others don't 1927-1980's Still can't decide on a rule Trudeau tries in the 60's to get a general agreement 1981 Trudeau went to Supreme court to ask if he needed the provinces to go to London and bring back the constitution Not against the law But still kind of needs the agreement of the provinces 1982 Night of the Long Knives Constitution Act General Amendment Formula What is needed to change the constitution 7/50 At least 7 provinces or 50% of the population + the agreement of the federal government 1996 Quebec referendum
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