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Lecture 13

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Mass Media Effects Theory about Information Intake Minimum effect model Voters opinion is generally stable Findings say that voters are disengaged from politics Most political information is lost in the air Growing awakening Bartels If media effects aren't there, then why so much attention by political staff? Why it's hard Effect of media vs the effect of the event itself Need better theories about how people digest political info Need better social science Experimental Studies Iyengar and Kinder News that Matter Agenda setting This phenomenon where the problems that receive most attention in media become the problems that the public regard as most important People have a limited memory regarding news Agenda set issues affected more people who were directly affected by those issues Priming effect Example of survey about CF in Afghanistan (negative/positive pictures) Conclusion The problems the media talk about become the problems with talk about The media has a role in picking from all those issues that happen in the world,
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