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Lecture 15

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Social Movements Introduction Definitions Tarrow Collective challenges, based on common purposes and social solidarities, in sustained interaction with elites, opponents, and authorities Tilly Sustained challenge to power holders in the name of a disadvantaged population by means of repeated public displays of that populations' numbers, commitment, unity, and worthiness Clusters of historically-specific political performance Biggest impact when it sets a public agenda It's about convincing power than you are strong, and that you have the power of numbers The message public displays are supposed to send Central to the idea of a social movement Loose aggregation of actors A collection of individuals Can act as part of a social movement, they can be important actors, this concept of a social movement must extend beyond the idea of 3 interest groups hanging out together Post-modern idea Social groups are not simply about communicating with power but also identities and having a larger social discussing about who you are (value transformation) From Social Movement to Social Network Understanding a movement as a network of actor Social networks were understood as loose aggregation of actors No leader Pre-dating the rise of the internet Formal network analysis Quantum level analysis Way of formally trying to analyze a network and by that it means identifying actors, to understand how th
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