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Lecture 16

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Machinery of Government Presidential vs Parliamentary Presidential Tries to get the Congress to accept his policy proposals A separation of powers The power to introduce legislation is in the hand of individuals in the Senate and House of Commons to the Congress Power is diffused Parliamentary Fusion of legislative and executive powers The PM is not mentioned in the Constitution His power does not come from a strict reading So our executive is technically the Queen, represented by the governor general She makes decision based on the advice of her privy council The PM is the key to that council The PM is a member of parliament, important to our system, section 53 Any legislation that involves spending public funds must be introduced in the House of Commons by the Cabinet (thus by the government) In order to introduce any policy change, you need to buy in the PM and his Cabinet The Canadian Prime Minister is much stronger than the American president in terms of carrying on his agenda The people who do have power flow from that PM office So you need to understand who is close to the PM, which institutions support the PM and Cabinet, and you need to understand the structure of the democracy Prime Minister Very powerful His power comes from His ability to decide who forms Cabinet He decides what the administration of government will look like Who the top dogs are The PM decides who the deputy ministers are, etc He determines his advisors, so
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