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Lecture 17

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Lobbying Introduction Lobbying Act Regulates interactions between lobbyist and public office holders (federal legislation) Oxford definition Lobby in the Uk, any of several large halls in the Houses of Parliament in which MPs may meet members of the public To lobby means to seek to influence a politician or public official on an issue, derives from the practice of frequenting the lobby of a house of legislature to influences its members into supporting a cause Determining success Being there Being persistent Providing useful information Demonstrating that there is an attentive or mobilized constituency Support of the target or client group Timing e.g. Antoine and his free-style snowboard park Bad? Capture theory Interest groups with resources will capture policy actors Private, not public interests Don't represent the grassroots, but astroturf Voice is overinflated Cannot trust that the community they represent is as large as they claim it to be Sleaze factor Either real or perceived conflict of interest Friends doing favours for friends Exchanging money for favours Good? Not all interests in society are represented in Parliament The public is served through sound policy development Interest groups provide information Consultation with interest groups is required Policy is often complex They provide information that is necessary and credible Doesn't mean unbiased The data has to be sound, otherwise it is of no use Becau
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