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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

Issue 6 - Should Quebec Be Recognized as a Nation Seymour 4 types of nations Sociopolitical nations Shared values/history/language Shared political views Ethnic nations Ancestral origins Cultural nations Rejects ancestry, but required historical identities Civic nations Tied to a country Because of there are many definitions of a nation, we have to be tolerant of other nations Aboriginals are recognized as a nation, so should Québécois Chon Definition of a nation Objectives characteristics (like history) Collective will More important than the objective characteristics Federalism: one core governments, but various provincial governments that respond to that core government Issue 2 - Can Native Sovereignty Coexist with Canadian Sovereignty? Townshend Yes Sovereignty Canada would have it if only the land would not have been populated Peace and friendship treaties Reinforce equality Land transaction treaties Liberal democracy Individual rights are considered paramount and equality is measured as formal equality of agency Not measured by whether the result of political and economical forces leads to substantively equal results Flanagan No Sovereignty = statehood Boundaries Rule of equality Too many bands Slippery slope Other minorities would demand special treatment Issue 9 - Should Party Disciplined be Relaxed "Party whip" Kilgour Yes Voting for your party's call isn't democratic; you should vote to fulfill your beliefs Been done that way because of threat of parliament dissolution Reforming the role of MP's to nationalize Ottawa Other periods show parties voting against their leader's choice; the gov. didn't collapse Senators and MP's should not be bound by orders and instructions and shall be subject only to their conscience The american way The government doesn't fall if they lose a vote of confidence Better region representation McGrath report No need to win every issue because the current has already been elected, thus there is already confidence from the population To enhance individual's role in a party Jackson No Canada is bound together because of how we do politics We're so diverse, if we have no party unity, we won't be efficient Pa
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