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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

Intro POLI 227 1/7/2013 11:47:00 AM The Challenge of Third World Development th Friday February 15 -Mulitiple Choice: worth 20% March 27 –Book Review: worth 25% Conference participation: worth 10% Conference presentation: worth 10% Exam: 35 % st Week of 21 when conferences start and lecture on Friday ends What is the Developing World? 1/7/2013 11:47:00 AM  PPP-adjusted to the cost of living in each country because they are more comparable  Non state economic actors=powerful  Millennium development goals o More then ½ Saharan Africa living less on a dollar a day o Kids going to primary school has increased  US defense budget bigger then all the economies put together in Saharan Africa  The developing world though is developing and changing…political and social change Some Terms o Third world-comes from cold war, second world-soviet union, third world everyone else not as aliened  Second world category dropped after the cold war rd  Developing countries now replaces 3 world o North-industrialized world rd o South-industrializing world (problematic) developed because people didn’t like 3 world, Australia in south not happy… o NIC-newly industrialized countries o LDC-less developed countries, or least developed countries o HIPC-highly indebted poor countries, Measuring development  Raw GBI, GNP, or GDP/capita (problems things cost different in different countries) o PPP adjusted tries to workout what you could buy locally that would be equivalent to a 1$US o Income inequality disparity in provinces ex. China: shanghai compared to rural  HDI o Human development Index gives standard of living of average people  Measures health, education, income  Gives a better indicator of how the average person lives o GDI-address the fact that men and women recognizes that in some places women and men are not treated fairly and penalizes countries with economic inequalities  Income disparities o Gini coefficient measures inequality (really good) Three worlds? Two? Many?  Heterogeneity of the third world o Geo o Population o Political systems-democracies, military states, one party states, self estate of masses o Economic development-highly developed Approaches to the Study of Third World Politics 1/7/2013 11:47:00 AM What des most/much of the developing world have in common? o Colonial experience  Socioeconomic challenges o Lower levels of industrialization o Poorest social conditions o Imperative of economic growth ( and redistribution)  Weaker state structures o Les effective institutions o Political instability o Problems of national integration o Imperatives of state building  Lack of international power and leverage o Subordinate integration in global economy  Dividing line too fuzzy between developing vs developed countries example Argentine and Kenya o Problematic categories  Because transition developed recently What is political science?  Theory  Analysis  Description  Systematically-related generalizations  Analysis relationship cause and effect  Trying to test theoro-logical models Methodology  Experimental method o Rarely usable in political science  Statistical method o Large-n o Problems of data and relevance  Comparative method o Small-n, qualitative o Less generalizable  Single case study o Least generalizable Comparative politics is about…  Commonality and diversity  Using cause studies and comparisons to tease out the casual relationship between variables o Most similar systems  A and B are otherwise similar expect for X What effect does this have?  Both the PLO and Hizbullah fought Israel in south Lebanon. Why did the latter do so much better? o Most different systems  A and B are very different in many ways but they both do Y. What common variables account for this? Theroretical Apporahces…  There are a variety of major set of theoretical approaches to the study of comparative politics: o Modernization or development approaches o Dependency or underdevelopment approaches o Ration approaches… o Etc Developmental Approach  Emphasizes historical process of interrelated social changes—modernization o Expansion of education o Growth in communication and transportation o Economic change industrialization o Social and cultural change  Decolonization was often followed by political disorder not development Politcal order in changing societies  Huntington 1968 o MODERNIZATOIN>SOCIAL MOBLIZATION.NEW DEMANDS o Modernization
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