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Lecture 3

POLI 227 Lecture 3: Chap 3

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Political Independence at independence.... •much changed… –end to colonial rule –new state, and state machinery –new political demands •...and much didn’t –economic dependency –structure of local society Stability and instability •the instability of most post-colonial regimes –coups –civil conflict – the instability of most post-colonial regimes •how important is stability? •maintaining order –industrialized vs developing world –growing political stability? => economic growth/resources, institutionalization, democratization, time? two major tasks: •state-building: with what you inherit from colonial powers •political consolidation -non-democracy: having appeal to powerful gps, repression -competitive process in order to appeal to large gps State-building • State capacity (administration, bureaucracy, coercion) • state strength (autonomy from social gps) • state penetration (reaching into the periphery) • state extradition (taxation power) (weak, import tax, becomes more sophisticated with sales tax or income tax) • State legitimacy government involvement in the economy grows, through taxation, expenditure, and regulation the states economic roles: state resources, economic dev, political tool, redistribution Regime consolidation for authoritarians: repression and coalition-building (support from powerful ppl) Coalitions and regime types: “building blocks”: -who are the social gps forming part of the governing coalition? -democratic or authoritarian coalitions “glue”: -what keeps coalitions together -ideas -resources Competitive multi-party systems: -political parties articulate and aggregate interests -support bases may be broad or narrow -parties shaped by societal cleavages, electoral system >single and multi member constituency systems >plurality and proportional representation systems >significance of electoral system design -importance of civil society => depending on districting, SMC and MMC may minimise or exaggerate minority representation, depending on both districting and minority distributions => national PR system accurately represent minorities (if
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