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Lecture 9

POLI 227 Lecture 9: Chap 9

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Revolution - Broad def: • violent transfer of pol power • insurgency - narrow def • violent transfer of pol power and fundamental social transformation • french rev, russian rev, chinese rev… - Handelman • comprehensive political and socio-economic change - why, where and when? • revs occur when there is an uprising, but also the ruler can no longer rule • is poverty a main cause? external subversion (external intervention for ex) • the poor tend not to be the moving force • class struggle => with Marx and the revolutionary proletariat, which was flawed (didnt occur in dev capitalist countries and proletariat wasn't the moving force) • relative deprivation: may be bad but better than others. still, if they have expectations, more likely to have rev even tho not worse off • changes in resources, social mobilisation and peasant radicalism are motor forces in a rev • politcal rigidity => decolonisation, decaying monarchies, personalistic dictatorships cause govs to not respond to demands of the people and hence creating discontent • for it to be successful, state must be weak (economic decline, loss of external support, war, transition periods such as end
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