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Lecture 8

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POLI 227
Rex Brynen

POLI 227 January 23, 2013 Lecture 8 Colonialism – the underdvlpmt view:  Dependence  Econ  Social  Poli  Cultural – idolization of Western behaviour/culture that influenced behaviour of dvlping countries… Westernization became the ideal  Colonialism is not just accelerated historical dvlpmt – relationships of dependency were est btwn colonizers and the colonized (dominance of the West)  COLINIAL ERA IS FUNDAMENTAL  Dependency also shaped by 2 kinds of struggles: 1. Class struggle btwn typically Westernized econ elites and mass of population 2. Nat’list regimes vs. dominant capitalist states  Path dependencies? Would there be lasting legacies of colonialism on constitutions, legal systems, etc. of decolonized countries? (such were the cases of Jordan, Canada, and others)… legacies of colonialism can be evident in…  Status of judiciaries  Degree of rule of law  Poli parties (or nat’list mvmts)  This is an INSTITUTIONALIST perspective  Non-institutionalist legacies as well: e.g. solidification of racial cleavage btwn Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda during colonial period eventually led to modern genocide **COLONIALISM HAS LEGACIES THAT AFFECT POLITICS TODAY State-Building and Regime Consolidation At independence:  Much changed  End to colonial rule  New state and state machinery  New poli demands  …And much didn’t  Econ dependency  Structure of local society (in the sense that borders were drawn by colonizers, this can sometimes be seen as legacy of colonialism) Stability and instability:  The instability of most post-colonial regimes  Huge amts of coups (60 successful in sub-Saharan Africa in the first 30 yrs after major colonization… MOST TRANSFERS WERE IRREGULAR RAHTER THAN REGUALAR and very few were through elections)  Civil conflict  Same story in 19 century period of decolonization in Latin America  Frequency and # of coups didn’t drop off significantly until the 1990s and 2000s  How important is stability?  Stability as a prereq – poli is a prereq for dvlpmt program, etc… also, all poli elites pursue poli order (Huntington)  However, Huntington was accused of overvaluing stability  Critique – stability and repression are linked (e.g. Nazi Germany,
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