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Feb 4 th Corruption Corruption is a frequent, although not inevitable, part of neopatrimonial regimes Causes: - Norms and legal standards change- things which used to be appropriate are now no longer- old behaviours may not change (i.e. gift giving to chiefs used to be considered ok) - New sources of wealth and power - Growing importance of state-before you have robust states, there is more opportunity - Survival skill (i.e. public sector employees not paid enough so they take bribes) Types: Parochical/extractive (reading) Endemic/developmental/planned: 1) Endemic: everyday low-level survival corruption; 2) Developmental: use of bribery by elites to circumvent regulations for economic reasons- bribery as part of business strategy; 3) Planned: tolerance of corruption by political leaders is part of their strategy of neopatrimonialism Politics of Cultural Pluralism Iraq- population divided along religious and ethnic lines (Sunni, Shi’ite Muslims, Arab, Kurd, Turkoman etc.) Political Effects - Repressive order and ethnic repression under Hussein - K
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