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Rex Brynen

th Jan 9 Human Development Index (HDI) - Canada is in the top (81 life expectancy, $40,500 GDP/capita) Global north receives about 4/5 of world’s global economic resources (horizontal fiscal imbalance) GDP= size of economy divided by population PPP= purchasing power parity, adjusts for discrepancies in cost of living etc. World GDP has not always been monopolized by global North, was historically concentrated in China and India, then with the industrial revolution came a shift in the economic concentration Non-state economic actors are often more powerful than certain states (i.e. Iran’s economy is the same size as Walmart’s) Many people ignore the dynamism of developing countries and the incredible strides they have made. We need to keep in mind the global imbalance while also remembering that developing countries are not all the same and they have made significant progress so far (i.e. between 2000-2007, there was a significant increase in the amount of children enrolled in primary education) - BBC Documentary (Ted Talk) and Sarah McLaughlin video balance these views The term “third world” comes from the Cold War, where the Second World were the communist countries and the First World were those fighting the communist countries. The term ignores vast differences between the countries placed in this category. Terms Nor
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