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Jan 11th Approaches to the Study of Third World Politics What does much of the developing world have in common? 1) Colonial experience 2) Socioeconomic challenges - Lower levels of industrialization, poorer social conditions, imperatives of economic growth 3) Weaker state structures - Less effective institutions, political instability, problems of national integration, imperatives of state building 4) Lack of international power and leverage in global politics/economy Still, there is considerable variation and the distinction drawn between developed and developing countries is very blurry Political Science- Methodology: 1) Experimental method - rarely viable in political science due to ethical concerns - i.e. offering people money to compromise on moral principles doesn’t work, means that offering aid to stop civil wars will usually not work 2) Statistical method - Problem of lack of data or lack of relevant data 3) Comparative method - Less generalizable 4) Single case study - Least generalizable, sensitive to nuances of the case, finding may be a product of the particular case Using case studies and comparisons to tease out the causal relationship between variables Similar systems: A and B are otherwise similar, except for X- what effect does this have? Different systems: A and B are otherwise different, but they both have X- what accounts for this? Modernization Approach - Emphasizes historical process of interrelated social changes (expansion of education, growth in communication and transportation, economic change, industrialization, social and cultural change) - Not really true, as decolonization was often followed by polit
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