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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

th Jan 18 Impacts of Colonialism (based on game show) - GNP shot up from $90 to $140 after colonialism, shift to cash crops (shows the dangers of using GNP as a measure of development because it ignores the uneven distribution- the fact that only large landowners benefitted from the rise of GNP) Last part of developing world to be colonized was the Middle East - Very tough to colonize because the Ottoman Empire was powerful already- when it started to lose power mid 19 century Europe scrambled for it Development and modernization approach tends to view colonialism as just another part of development Colonialism in the Americas (the American pattern-Clapham) - Settler regimes - New social order based on race and class - Native societies destroyed or marginalized - Plantation economies set up (cash crops) - Political control passes from European colonizing power to local white elites Colonialism in Africa and Asia - Native societies are often larger, more robust, or more remote - Political control passed to the colonial power, where the agenda was set by colonial needs and borders were established arbitrarily and sometimes ignored internal politics, was based on racist ideological justificaiton such as “civilizing” missions - VIDEO- Colonialsm in 10 minutes- scramble for Africa Patterns of Colonial Rule 1) Centralized/direct: French rule 2) Indirect: British rule 3) Hands-off: Dutch rule (but backed by force when necessary to maintain control) All strategies involved coopting local elites, not just taking control of existing institutions- colonizers backed local elites with gold and guns to consolidate control over the territory and ensure com
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