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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

Jan 28 th State Building and Regime Consolidation State building: government involvement in the economy grows through taxation, expenditure and regulation State’s economic roles: - Generating state resources - promoting economic development (common with late industrializers) - redistribution of income - political tool (using their ability to extract resources to reward certain constituencies which support them) Example: Egypt’s land reforms were done for multiple reasons, 1) redistribution, 2) political tool used by Nasser to gain/consolidate support of working class and poor rural societies Regime Consolidation Repression: many countries have overdeveloped militarily- cannot be used exclusively Coalition building: need to have powerful groups in society behind you in authoritarian regimes - what keeps coalitions together? Ideas, resources (promise of material benefit- support for regime rewarded by compensation to your community or you personally) Political freedom- chart (1973-2010): Free- increase, Partly Free- relatively stable, Not Free- decline Coalitions and Regime Types Competitive Multiparty Systems - political parties articulate and aggregate interests, speak on behalf of groups and appeal to interests - support bases may be broad (i.e. US) or narrow (i.e. Israel) - partie
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