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Lecture 9

POLI 227 Lecture 9: Political Development

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Continued Political Development Coalitions Basis -Shared ideas may knit together a coalition -Ideology -A political vision of how the world works and how it should work, a shared blueprint of political issue based futures -Political culture -Underlying attitudes of a population to such issues as political community and authority -Political socialization is a big factor of how ideas spread -Values of peers and family are key because they talk -Religion can be hard to sway but can be potent as a linkage -School works in a doctrinal way in some places, but it also can reinforce national identity and values -As in the US -Workplace socialization, often linked to labor unions and class solidarity where large industries develop a working class consciousness and identity binding classes together -Mass media, despite state censorship and control in some places -Internet and social media often gives ways to circumvent this -Media has become more personalized and reinforcing of ideas, which allows for ideological echo chambers -States can rarely take total control of the agents of socialization, limiting how internalized outside views can really be -North Korea does it though Resources -Support me, you’ll be better off -Sometimes general and diffuse as in promising economic comeback -Usually campaigns are fought over these -Or specific benefits like a bridge in a village or something -Patron-client relations + state resources = nepatriomonialism -Powerful individuals protect others in exchange for ongoing support -This blend involves state resource extraction for help -Not just developing nationsthis is an issue in Montreal too -Lebanon is an example of how this intersects with identities Lion (Strength) and Fox (Manipulation) -Lion uses all subordinates to be on message with a threat of clients being kicked out unless they follow -If a patron is scary then it’s easy to reinforce this, but it’s resource intensive -Most use fox, though -Fox strategy relies on manipulation of competing clients ` -The patron doesn’t have to do anything because all the clients have to worry about loyalty and competition that could take them down -Could be really inefficient, but it’s relatively self governing -You see a lot of this in Syria Benefits -Way of organizing supporters, which leads t
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