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Political Science
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POLI 227
Rex Brynen

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• Involvement of government in economy : GDP expands, larger share. Why does government get involved in economy ? 1.generation of resources for state through taxation systems 2.development : late industrializers, state feels the need to play an imp role 3.redistricting of income : taxation, social welfare 4.political tool : ability to extract resources and rewards those who support it, and punish those who don't support it. e.g. land reform 5.role of government in redistributive spending • pol elites trying to hold on to power have 2 mechanisms to stay in power 1.prevent emergence of threat (repression) : common in authoritarian countries, powerful policy tool, expensive, can generate discontent (Syria). Danger with repression, can encourage activism coalitions • Building blocks of coalition 1.democracies : need to appeal broadly 2.non democratic : powerful coalition • what hold pol coalitions together : 1.ideas 2.resources : promise of material benefit • support bases of political parties can be broad (US) or narrow (Israel) • nature of politics underlined by cleavages in society and political system e.g. electoral system design • civil society :
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