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Nationalism & Decolonization

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

6 Nationalism National Liberation and Decolonization y DecolonizationColonialism had major effects yet lasted a relative brief period o Latin America 300 yrs o India 200 o Africa around 100o Middle East less than 50 o Why was it so shortInitial during 1800s almost exclusively in Latin America then a LOT in the 1960s Africa and AsiaGeorge WashingtonSimon Bolivar Who liberated Venezuela and Colombia y Traditional resistanceInitial or continuing resistance to colonial conquest based on the original local society and its existing capabilitiesRarely successful their oppositions are industrialized etc y Modern nationalist movementsRooted in the new society changed by the colonial experienceNot the original traditional society fighting it off its the changed society Latin AmericaSpanish and Portuguese control was weak Political power passes to local white elite
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