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Chapter 4: The Politics of Cultural Pluralism and Ethnic Conflict

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Chapter 4 The Politics of Cultural Pluralism and Ethnic Conflict Cultural PluralismClosely linked to the growth of the middle classClosely linked to nationalist politicians Ethnic wars are more frequent than internation wars Since the end of the cold war the worlds attention has focused increasingly on ethnic clashes Predictions that poor densely populated countries will experience increased ethnic clashes LDCs more ethnically diverse less able governments Asia has the highest absolute population of ethnic minorities subSaharan Africa has the highest proportion followed by North Africa and the Middle East Contact hypothesis people of different race religions and ethnicities come into greater contact with each other they better understand the other groups common human qualities causing prejudice to declinePredicts individual level attitudes Defining Ethnicity Ethnic Identity is a social constructionBelief in a common descentCreated and embellished Ethnic groups are usually not socially homogeneous or
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