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JANUARY 11, 2012:  What is the Developing World?  To contrast with developing nations, Canada’s per capita GDP is approximately $35,000, life expectancy is around 81 years, and child mortality is 6/1000 births. Compared with sub-Saharan Africa, the per capita GDP is $1,966, life expectancy is 54.4 years and child mortality is 129/1000.  1/7 of the population of earth is in the developed world, but they hold 4/5 of the world’s wealth.  The per capita income of 612 Canadians is the same as the per capita income of a small town in Eritrea (east Africa) in terms of purchasing power.  Iran’s gross national product is almost equal to that of South Carolina and Wal-Mart.  Child mortality rates have dropped almost everywhere in the past 20 years, and more females go to school than ever in the past, and the proportion of death infected with AIDS and AIDS related death have fallen, proving that the economic and social climate is changing in the developing world.  GNP of United States is greater than the economies of all the developing economies put together. The GNP of Canada is equal to that of all of Sub-Saharan Africa put together.  Fourth world and fifth world are terms used to highlight “the poorest of the poor,” to highlight, for example, the differences between Chile and Bangladesh.  The global south is used to describe the developing world, and the global north is used to describe industrialized and wealthy nations. It is a very large term that doesn’t leave room for the differences between southern countries (b/c there is a
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