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FEBRUARY 1, 2012: Legacies of Colonialism: Colonialism: The Developmental View: (modernization approach)  It would see colonialism as modernization speeded up. The emergence of independent state, economic development, etc. was just the eventual results of modernization.  Demands: destruction of traditional social and political organization, accelerated social mobilization, new ideas, rising expectations associated with transition to independence.  It would create new demands, but also give the newly independent state certain disadvantages to their capabilities→ what are the new countries (borders, ex. South Sudan split from Sudan, Eritrea from Ethiopia), administration and institutions left behind by the colonial legacy (British left a robust civil service/institutions in India).  Capabilities: problems of political leadership and institutionalization, poverty and limited resources (when British left South Yemen there was 1 person with statistic capabilities and very little paved road).  Result: political instability  Stability requires strong political apparatus to control demands → a nationalist party? The military. Army often took power. Colonialism: The Underdevelopment View:  Colonial era created a structure of sub-ordination→ created inferiority that was sustained through dependency  Dependency: economics, social, political, cultural  It produced two struggles: class struggle, and nationalist regimes vs. the dominant capitalist states Colonialism: An Institutionalist View  Argue that institutions are important, but what is important about them is how they constrain or open up political actions→ it creates certain political legacy, a degree of path dependency from the political institutions you inherited  What was the constitutional legal system a
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