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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

MARCH 7, 2012:  News Story: KONY 2012: Global campaign to publicize the war crimes of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. LRA was an offshoot of another movement that started in Northern Uganda with a tribal base of support in Northern Uganda. LRA is well known for its abduction of children. In 2005 after a reference of the Kony LRA case to the ICC, the ICC indicted Joseph Kony and other members of the LRA. In Uganda, they though labelling Kony as a war criminal would make it even more unlikely that he would stop fighting. The Sudanese government turned a blind eye and supported the LRA to get back at the Ugandan government for doing the same thing with SPLA in Sudan. The LRA then lost its sanctuary in Sudan, and they have moved to DRC and CAR. The LRA started border hopping. Inaccessible areas of Sudan, CAR, and DRC are where the majority of attacks are now. The borders he is at are often disputed between these African countries. The key issue is now finding Kony. Obama formally offered US Special Forces. It highlights how difficult it can be to find the LRA- they are in one of the least accessible places on the planet (the areas are not penetrated by central government- very disconnected from the rest of the country). It is a movement that sustains itself through raids and kidnapping.  What steps can be taken to stop this? US administration’s decision to provide military advisory support allows communication between the countries’ militaries that may not share information. It requires continuous political support, and the LRA could collapse without Kony. Some GAD examples include:  Population policy/reproductive rights: you can’t address one issue without the other, introducing birth control in societies where women have little control or say, which would lead you to lose injectables as birth control.  Gender and conflict: conflicts affect men and women in different ways, and the conflict itself may affect the gender balance (ex. Woman can become the head of household when men are fighting- going from a subordinate position to a leader.) The future generation benefits from greater gender equality: o In sub-Saharan Africa, if men and women had equal schooling, child mortality would have been 25% lower in 1990. (Because women are still disproportionately responsible for the care of the household). o In Brazil, income in the hands of mothers has 4 times the impact on children’s height-for-age (a nutrition indicator) as income in the hands of fathers o In India, children of literate mothers spend two more hours a day studying
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