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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex Brynen

MARCH 19, 2012:  News Story: About the proposed Halal meat ban in France. Sarkozy (not doing well in the polls) is focusing on this issue. Animal rights activists have a problem with some of the slaughter methods, and in France the majority of the meat already is Halal and Kosher. This is an example of Sarkozy pushing the right-wing anti- immigrant issue using the platform of animal rights.  News Story: French shooting at a Jewish day school plays into the narrative of the foreigners bringing their conflicts into France, and will work to Sarkozy’s advantage in the election (right-wing benefit). o Military interests- the military has certain corporate interests. It may not like to see the military budget cut, etc. ex) Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in Egypt’s actions were driven by desires to preserve the privileges of the Egyptian army and to improve the army’s relationship with the civilians (although this may not be considered a coup) o Legitimacy crisis, reliance on coercion o Foreign intervention: outside actors sometimes foster or encourage military coups, but they can also discourage on condemn action. But they can only usually play a role when there are people in the country who are willing to put forward a military coup. ex) US clearly articulated to the Chilean military that they didn’t like the leader and would be happy with a coup in Chile (in the 1970s). ex) US brought the Shah in Iran back into power in the 1950s to restore the “White Revolution.” ex) US pushed to stop a military coup in the Philippines using threats (flying low planes over military bases in the Philippines to make it clear the US did not want to see a democratic government overthrown).  Huntington’s typology: He differentiated between the motive o Breakthrough coups: reformist military coups where groups of officers are using military power to change the status quo. Occurs in cases where the military has a lot of disadvantages people. ex) 1952 coup that overthrew the leader of Egypt o Guardian coups: tend to be less transformative, and are not intended to block or propel reformist changes. They te
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