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POLI 231 - Sartre (Dirty Hands)

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Political Science
POLI 231
Arash Abizadeh

Dirty Hands Sartre AIllyria WWII The Regent is a fascist ally of Germany and is on the verge of being annexed to the Eastern Block Two underground parties Octagon centrists and the Proletariat leadership are both worried about Russian advance they seek to make pacts with the centrists and fascists Hugo intellectual of the Proles young writer desires to take action but is unableHoederer leader of Proles wants deal with Regent assassination attemptLouis leader in Proles does not want compromise ideologicalOlga direct admission of assassination attempt Hugo and Louis view Hoederers plans to form a pact as ideological treachery Louis asks Hugo to kill Hoederer Despite Hugos insistence Jessica Hugos wife views it as a game Before Hugo is able to kill Hoederer during negotiations a bomb explodes No one is killed but Hugo is furious that Louis and his allies do not trust him with the job Olga admits to throwing the bomb and urges Hugo to kill Hoederer Jessica convinces Hugo to talk to Hoederer Over time Hugo has grown fond of Hoederer believing that he could help him cross from boy to manhood Hoederer is aware that Hugo is there
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