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POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Liberalism and Marxism Marx Attacked Liberalism Marx criticized liberal policies by claiming they failed to deliver promised results What I am observing is not really voluntary exchange When land was taken from a village, it was land taken from the commons That land was privatized Those people could not succeed as farmers but they moved to the cities, unhappily Involuntary exchange Arguments based on dialectical logic (events are driven by contradictions) Contradictions are not obvious They are logically identified inconsistencies Marx, there are periods of stability and then change The change has inconsistencies Marxism relies on the Labour Theory of Value All value is created first by labour Classical Marxism The Primary Actors are Social Classes Classes act in their own material interests Expropriation of surplus value is exploitation Material gains are being reaped other than workers The Labour Theory of Value V=K+W+SV Value, Kapital, Wages, Surplus Value A liberal would have no problem with this except V may be Cost and the other, the things that go into producing the good, and SV would be Profit The creation of surplus value that is going to cause capitalism to fail Marx’s Model of Capitalism Surplus Value is created Concentration of Capital per worker Creation of Reserve Army of Labor Un
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