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Mark Brawley

IMPORTANT IR THEORISTS THEIR MAIN POINTS Morgenthau  One of the founding fathers of 20 century realism  Nation-states are the main actors in IR  Main concern is the study of pwr  Emphasized importance of nat’l interest  Classical realist (not like Waltz)  Theory included moral considerations Niebuhr  Theologian and ethicist as well as IR theory  Moral/Christian considerations  Contributed the idea of the “just war”  Primary advocate of “Christian Realism”  Struggled w/ moral issues of war and pwr  Challenged the core assumptions of idealism – man is, in fact, inherently evil Waltz  One of the founders of neorealism (STRUCTURAL REALISM) – response to weaknesses of classical realism; a general theory (not intended to explain specific actions of states)  Divided causes of war into 3 levels of analysis: 1. War is caused by the nature of state leaders (more generally, by human nature) 2. War is caused by the domestic makeup of states 3. THE ANARCHIC STRUCTURE OF THE INTERNAT’L SYSTEM IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF WAR (no body is sovereign at the internat’l level to govern relations btwn autonomous states)  “Balance of pwr” theory  Behaviour of states shaped by systemic pressures – the particularities of a situation matter Keohane  Theorist of neoliberal institutionalism  Dvlpd COMPLEX
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