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Lecture 2

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

09/01/13 Lecture 2: Idealism vs. Realism Birth of Idealism  before, poli sci & econ clumped together th  split beginning of 19 cent  poli sci  study of power, econ  study of wealth  WWI effects: big issue in poli sci became “why do wars occur?”  Woodrow Wilson + League of Nations used background of intl law  idealism/utopianism is born! Classical Idealism: Assumptions 1. human behaviour can be perfected 2. “harmony of interests” exist b/w people & states 3. war is never appropriate way to resolve disputes (instead, shared interests need to be uncovered – find another way!) 4. good laws & institutions can guide behaviour & reveal shared interests (revealing goodness of man) Birth of Realism  historians, not just lawyers, start getting into IR theorizing  say states have been using war to resolve disputes for centuries  WWI = norm  Carr’s “The 20 Years’ Crises”: saying Eur struggling from 1919-39 because can’t deal with Germany’s rise to power  imp book for realists o peace go
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