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POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Poli 243 Lecture Notes February 18 2013 The Politics of International Monetary relations Key Currencies, The Exchange rate, and domestic Politics Key Currencies Advantages: (others using your money internationally) - Competitive edge in financial services - They’ll have currencies everybody wants - Bargaining leverage over the other states o Political power o If foreigners need international money, by only going to your citizens to attain it, governments can exercise sovereignty and control who leaves its borders, who can handle the transactions, etc. o Ability to run trade deficit  Easy way to solve your balance of payments  E.g.) United States hasn’t been selling as many goods as they have been purchasing, and therefore has been compensating it through payment with their US currency because it is valued o Impetus for outward foreign investment Disadvantages - Currency overhang - Trade Deficit can get too big o If there’s no longer backing to the $US dollar, why do people still accept it and have confidence in it?  Because people can go spend it - Constraint on domestic options Competing liberal Theories of Monetary Policy Economic models identify array of domestic interests (Defining the dominant cleavage) Domestic
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