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Political Science
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POLI 243
Mark Brawley

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Poli243Lecture7 January21,2013 RecentSystem-LevelArgumentsfromRealists Stephen Walt: Balancing versus threat. Bandwagoning- joining the winning side. Balance of power theory says: join the weaker side, the idea being that you will make the weaker side more powerful. Mearsheimer: Europe& Nat; the instability of unipolarity. Wohlforth& Brooks: unipolarity will last why don't we see a balancing coalition in the U.S. Per capita wealth U.S has the technique/technologies to transform economic wealth into military power. There prediction is that unipolarity will last --U.S ExamplesofSystem- LevelTheorieswithEconomics Albert O. Hirshman: National Power and the structure of foreign trade. -He was interested in power trade and relationships -As trade starts to recover in the 1930s, trade becomes very important. -Hirshman was interested in Nazi Germany- Germany was interested in trade, where germany could approach states with their trade ideas, where Nazi could eventually have political influence by Germany. -Nazi would use the trade as a -Trade patterns not only driven by economic patterns, but political influence as well. The things you can observe at the system level are not only economic but political. Economic blocs in the 1930s -introduction to preferential systems, people will not simply trade with each other. Dependence in development -Rahual Prebuse- Argentina- mystified about why the recovery in trade boost the prices in some goods but not others. Manufacturing goods, did not drop so severely. -Keep in mind: being industrialized has others aspects to it. power aspects. choosing to stay an agriculture country, will impact how you develop and how you are powerful in the future. How will you afford to produce weapons? Market relationship- there are dominant states. Hierarchical, exploitation. Yet Realists remain unclear about the sources of power-- and how international ties fit in. Trade, alliances and war- How they fit and come together If it is trade where you are exploiting the other side, then it is ok. but if trade is mutually beneficial, then you do not want to do trade with your potential enemies. You would
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