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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Poli 243 January 7 thLecture Notes Course Objectives: To introduce theoretical approaches to the study of international politics. The course is divided into three parts 1- introduction of different approaches to the explanation of foreign economic policy 2- a brief introduction to the substantive issues in international political economy 3-Applications of competing theories to specific cases Course is cumulative. Final is cumulative. Prof Email [email protected] Office Hours: Mon&Wed 10-11 Leacock 330 Grading: Two Midterms: (25%each) Part 1+Part 2 of Course IDs+Essay Midterm #1- February 20 Midterm #2-March 20 Look at previous midterms. Conferences 10% Formal Final Exam 40% -section IDs -short essay( based on outside readings) -Essay Why are you here? Why we do the study of international politics. to answer the questions: why wars? why do states go to war? to learn to think theoretically about international politics. Cause and effect Isolate the argument, make explicit theory What do we mean by “theory” 1-Relate cause and effect, the way different perspectives look at things. if the cause is present, the effect will be pr
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