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Canada’s National Policy: Protection as a Development Strategy

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POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Canadas National Policy Protection as a Development Strategy 4312 917 PMTrade Liberalization in the Nineteenth CenturyLiberal ideas spread in the mid 1800sElgin Treaty 1854 o an agreement between US and Canada to have liberalized trade lower tariffs o volume of trade increases o doesnt have much of a long term impact because of the American Civil War1860causes the US to adopt higher tariffs because the southern states withdrew from the unionthe federal government is prosecuting this warincome tax o First Great Depression occurs in the 1870s The Election of 1878Liberals vs ToriesLiberals had failed to renew treaty with USSir John A Macdonald o offers protectionism o goes to business men to convince thembig business men agree with this policy Selling the National PolicyThree elements to gather broad support o Protective tariffs o infrastructure development the CPR o settlement of the western provinceswanting more immigrants The National Policy in PlaceIntended to support economic development just without relying on international tradeLegislation Begins in 1879Tariffs protect industrial goodsSettlement policies are too weak however o immigration worked but many Canadians moved outCPR constructs transcanada railway in the 1880s
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