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Canada Pursues Free Trade with the US: Part 2

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Canada Pursues Free Trade with the US 4/3/12 9:42 PM Should be using the Analytical Liberal approach Canada= the party in power of Canada at the time The Election of 1988 (domestic politics) Organizing on the basis of trade: producers vs. consumers • The consumer sees a lower price on a variety of goods, so they are hard to analyze • The producer will be vary sharply affected by a change in price, so they are more inclined to vote We expect to see some groups support one party and others support the other à but the evidence isn’t very strong in this election Conservatives interested in a regional electoral strategy • the Tories have to do something to win votes in different parts of the country • Tories wanted to regain strength in the east Liberals turn out to be divided on the issue Negotiations with the U.S. (Bureaucratic Politics) Department of External Affairs • U.S. Department of Commerce à promote international trade • State Department --> different people doing different things to do with trade Other, competing departments • Bureaucratic politics: different organizations within the government are fighting against each other à if you are smart you change the organization of the government Trade Negotiator’s Office (TNO) • created to pursue free trade with the US If you want a different outcome, change the bureaucratic structure à what the Tories did DFAIT à Department of Foreign Affairs and Free Trade • changing of the names reflects what is important at the time The problem is with the Americans and what they want. Negotiations with the US (The Individuals) Compatible leaders in the two countries à similar ideals, personalities, got along well, similar beliefs, same partyBrian Mulroney à Canadian, conservative, leader of the Tories, free trade is good Ronald Reagan à American, free trade is a good thing The “Shamrock Summit” • When Reagan came to Qu
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