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Institutionalism and Constructivism

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Institutionalism and Constructivism Lecture 18/01/12 4/3/12 10:56 PM Newer Paradigms in International Relations International Political Economy Re-Emerges • The international economy appeared to function well in the 50’s and 60’s • The Bretton Woods Monetary Regime collapsed in the early 70’s. The commitment to keep exchange rates stable fell apart à Why did we not see how power was used in the 60’s • OPEC oil embargo underscored the politicization of international economy International Regimes • Rules, norms, principles and procedures around which expectations converge o Ex. The World Trade Organizations, the Gold Standard • Where do they come from? • Why do some persist, while others evolve or even fail? Explaining the Emerge and Evolution of Regimes • Realist create the hegemonic stability theory o System was anarchic o States all try to do the same thing o Distribution of power (always changing) • The power of the us came from WW2 time • Concentration of power leads to outcome based upon what the strongest power wants • Everything is determined by the distribution of power • If the strongest power begins to fall apart, other regimes will also à as thought by realists • Realist theory works in the 70s but not in the 80s o The world trade organizations was created as the US was losing power, creating a much clearer regimeà led to institutionnalist theory Explaining Regime Persistence • Regimes as institutions • Need to look at what regimes provide and how they work • Robert Keohane- complex interdependence o Said realist simplified too much (states were the only actors, they only want power) o Need to look at the other factors such as money, jobs, wealth
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