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Political Science
POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

Oct 3rd POLI 244  Constructivism o Society is defined by a set of norms. o Identity formation through socialization and imitation. Think about how this compares to the tit-for-tat problem/prisoners dilemma (this is a game with strategic calculations, whereas socialization is not). How would this explain the advent of nuclear weapons and their spread?*Exam Q  Realist would say: security dilemma, I get weapons, you get weapons, I get more, you get more…  Liberalism would say: Weapons create a situation of parody between nations and this would work as an incentive to co-operate.  Constructivism would say: weapons become a norm, there is a shared understanding of what defines a powerful nation and nuclear weapons become symbolic of a state’s status. They are all just copying each other/imitation. (which may be a vast oversimplification, but that is constructivism)  Problem when people do not copy each other o Legitimacy and cooperation:  International organizations: non state actors that can shape the system and lead states to act in a certain way.  They consider an enforcement mechanism that is voluntary. Legitimacy explains the durability of international institutions  Managerial school of constructionism try to explain issues of defection.  (Problem: set of shared norms that we all agree on, yet clearly there
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