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Political Science
POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

Does Peacekeeping Work? (Virginia Page Fortna) • peacekeeping exploded after the Cold War • debated merits of more "robust" and complex forms of peacekeeping Where do peacekeepers go? • matter of supply and demand ◦ unlikely to occur in civil wars within or next door to the UNSC P5 (supply) ◦ more likely when rebels are relatively strong (demand) • more likely to deploy when the danger of war recurring is high, so they select the hardest cases • Chapter VI consent-based peacekeeping ◦ when rebels groups are relatively strong in poor countries • Chapter VII enforcement missions ◦ in democratic states where the war involves multiple fighting factions • both types are empirically equally effective Does peacekeeping work? • YES • risk of war resuming is much lower when peacekeepers are present • beef up the mandate so peacekeepers can better protect themselves and others if peace begins to falter • enforcement (Chpt. VII) missions must prove their willingness to fight, to intervene with force, if they wish to deter • peacekeeping is not a cure-all ◦ doesn't necessarily leave states with democracy • civilian aspects (election monitoring, human rights training, police reform) contribute to effectiveness How does peacekeeping work? • works along multiple pathways • reasons they might return to war: ◦ aggression ◦ dear and mistrust ◦ accident ◦ actions of rogue groups within either side ◦ political exclusion • peacekeepers prevent the breakdown of peace: ◦ change the incentives for aggression relative to maintaining peace ▪ military deterrence ▪ credibility on the ground ▪ economic incen
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