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Lecture 14

POLI 244 Lecture 14: POLI 244 11-2-2016

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

POLI 244-World Politics-11/2/2016 Domestic Politics International Interactions Core Assumptions of (Neo?)Liberal Theory -Primacy of societal actors, not necessarily state interests -Domestic state preference formation -State is not an actor but rather a biased representative institution subject to capture and recapture by coalitions of domestic social actors -From state preferences to state behavior -Basically explains how states come to conclusions -Moves later to neoliberal institutionalist look -Interdependence and strategic interaction -Taken for granted by realists and liberal Institutionalists -Interest groups all try to sway policies, and each one has different amounts of power -These push for certain preferences and sway the national interest -Also incorporate transnational interest groups -Ignored by realists and LI Rally Effect -Related to war and peoples’ tendency to become more supportive of a government when it undergoes crises like war -The Falkland Islands conflict boosted support for Thatcher’s government -Diversionary incentivetemptation to spark an international crisis to rally public support at home to overcome a domestic legitimacy issue -Going to war to exploit the rally effect, gambling for resurrection -Look at the normal war bargaining model -Rally effect is a political benefit added to one side’s payoff -Political benefit factored in like any other gain from war -Thus the political benefits are subtracted from the cost of war -Range becomes a+b-r -Therefore, the likelihood of war increases Limits on Rally’s Usefulness -Diversionary incentive is only relevant in domestic legitimacy c
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