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Lecture 18

POLI 244 Lecture 18: POLI 244 11-21-2016

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Political Science
POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

POLI 244-World Politics-11/21/2016 Heg and Realism -Synonymous with unipolarity and domination of the system by one state -Gilpin’s idea of prestige -Hegemony occurs when they don’t align -Hegemon often determines prestige of a rising power -This attitude may fuel a look towards hegemonic war -Leads to a loss of a hegemon -Implications for hegemonic stability -Most believe that unipolarity is fleeting and that balance of power would be restored -Hegemony is material (distribution of material capability) -When the hegemon loses power, the hegemonic order disappears -Stability of hegemonic order depends on the hegemon’s stability Heg and Constructivism -Hegemony is not imposed, but rather universally accepted as international order -Legitimate domination through consensus -Normative order that binds ruler and ruled and legitimates subordination -Ideology seen as key and articulated by somebody to socialize people into -Organic intellectuals=academics in a social order who push an ideology and adapt it to reality -Some commies wanted to create anti-hegemony through organic intellectuals advancing ideas for the proletariat -Hegemonic order depends on legitimacy and powerpower is important -Replacement of a hegemon does not necessarily upset the hegemonic order, because legitimacy transfers Why do States Conform -Coercionactors fear punishment of rule enforcers (realism) -Subordination is power gap -Self-interestactor sees rules as being in its own interests (liberals) -Follows along with interdependence and common interests/gains -These relations are asymmetric -EG
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