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Lecture 21

POLI 244 Lecture 21: POLI 244 11-28-2016

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Political Science
POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

POLI 244-11/28/2016 Stability of Unipolarity Soft Power Power: Ability to influence behavior to get outcomes you want Soft Balancing-Cold War -“Culture wars” -France promoted its culture as the language of diplomacy in the 1800s -Revolutionary ideology was exported through cultural institutes -Things like the UK creating the BBCpropaganda abroad to promote culture -Even movies reinforced the ideas of cultural clash -Afterwards, the US’ interest in soft power waned gradually -By 2000, only 2% in some regions listened to VOA -Promoting certain values to make it appealing Soft Balancing -Works when one is a soft power hegemon -Either internally building up your own or challenging others -News broadcasts are cheap and abundant -Russian state media has a strong presence and is vast -Perception of reliability influences how soft power grows or wanes -Western media to us is seen as more objective Anti-Hegemonic or Anti-Hegemon Ideology -Arab world has rising anti-American sentiment (Huntington reading) -Ideology of pushing back Institutional Balancing -Use of institutional resources like UNSC veto to force hegemon restraint or to break its own unipolar rules -Shape rules to constrain hegemonICC’s creation -Resources exist on all levels but are not always effective -Some argue that the UN couldn’t stop the US’ invasion of Iraq -Costs were raised, but not enough to cause backing down -Institutional balancing has promise but also limitation -Legitimacy cost raised Naming and Shaming -Violations of a norm are shut down through calling out somebody -Harms reputation and legitimating of unipolarity -Creates a more unstable order Unipolar Moment? -Balancing efforts create instability -As nations try to build up it makes the US-led system tougher -Overburdening -Rate of growth of the US is unsustainable as it cannot catch up with growth rate of nations like China or Russia perhaps -Become a revisionist power that wants to change shit -Hegemonic decline -Hegemonic war to either become the new hegemon or hang onto hegemony -Leads to either continued unipolarity, a new hegemon, or dual losses with a third
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