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Lecture 7

POLI 244 Lecture 7: POLI 244 10-3-2016

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Political Science
POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

POLI 244-World Politics-10/3/2016 Conflict and Cooperation in Realism Why Power -Power is a proxy for threat against security, thus security dilemma is about minimizing threats Threat Assessment -States react to threat not power -Aggregate power: the more resources they have, indeterminate threat because it can cause fear or partnershipbalancing or bandwagoning -Offensive capability: states with larger capabilities are more likely to create alliances and act violentlydepends on whether or not they’re friends or foes -Proximity: nearby states are more of a threatcould signal balancing or as Waltz notes, bandwagoning of smaller states surrounding a power -Finland and USSR in WWII -Offensive intentions: aggressiveness is a pretty damn direct threatbalancing, but it really defines the other 3 and their impact -Thus the most important Structural and Neoclassical Realism -Three major differing assumptions -Possibility of conflict (structural, Waltz) vs probability of conflict (neo, Walt) as motivators -Struct: if there can be conflict thanks to anarchy, states are motivated to act -Neo: if threats are higher the probability of conflict is higher and thus so is thtemptation to behave in a realist fashion -Short term security vs long term goals -Military power vs wealth Balance of Power or Hegemony -Revisiting Gilpin’s theory of systemic change -Even without global government there is global governance -Stability of international system if determined by relationship between distribution of material power and prestige -Power determines control in the system -Hierarchy of prestige (not seen by structural) refers to probability that a command will be obeyed -Lesser states accept legitimacy of order and follow the commands of larger states -Dominant states pursue an ideology of domination -Prestige is the perception of a state’s power and their willingness to use it -With high prestige, aims can be achieved without force -Peacetime
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