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POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

POLI 244 Notes 952012 103200 AM Poli 244 September 5 2012Office hours TuesdayThursday 200400pm Leacock 538Can political behavior be scientifically explained Choosing variables Determining relevance Universal explanations GeneralizableParsimoniousAccuratePotentially falsifiableIe Prove or refute Can then DescribeExplainIntelligibleExplanatoryAllow predictionsPrescriptiveSeptember 6 2012New terms Realism Liberalism Idealism Constructivism Schumpeter liberal pacifism Atavism Hegemonic US vs Nicaragua Angola Machiavelli liberal imperialism Republic vs democracy Pacific unionpacifism NOT THE OCEANAutarky Fiscal policy vs monetary policy Gulf wars Republicanism vs despotism September 7 2012Ideal types Not theories no causal relations are lists lists features of Essentially a description of something you may create a theory aboutEx democratic peace democracies never go to war AGAINST EACHOTHERKants perpetual peace people will instinctively avoid war work toward happiness and prosperity democracy best way to achieve this International level league of peaceful nations Causal relations people are inherently good and peace seeking democracy is the best way to assert the will of the masses assumes masses know how to achieve said peace Ex Conceptual map Highlight important signs on way to intelligible understanding Small roads left out not unimportant but less relevant to overall understanding Assumptions about the nature of anarchybasis of many theoriesDomestically we have hierarchy law order Internationally these are lacking effectiveness of ICC UN etc Realists relationships inherently competitive expressed through concern about security lack of international security therefore arms are necessary Hobbes Zero sum gameLiberalism absence of hierarchy internationally yields nonmilitary competition perhaps economictrade related Believe competition can be mutually beneficial free trade Constructivism focus on social interactions anarchy is what you make of it An idea that reflects a shared understanding between the actors Conception of anarchymethod of predicting behavior in anarchy Often overlap with liberals more optimistic Dependent variable if x then y Depends on something else Independent variable if x then y Have the causal force for yIntervening variable intervene between x and y Shape the independent variable Ex Euro crisis dependent variable the crisis Independent variables monetary policy central bank supranational control value of currency prime loan rate etc fiscal policy taxes spending policiesdomestically determined Domestic governments can be irresponsible in order to care for citizens Need monetary and fiscal policies to be harmonious Intervening variables domestic economic policies Determine difference between independent and intervening variables Permissive vs immediate conditions Permissive conditions that allow things to take place Immediate conditions that trigger cause September 10 2012Dependent variable what war Independent variablewhy international system economic relations ideology historical tensionsrelationsIntervening variable geography political leaders regime type also independent Zerosum exclusionary havehavenot Permissive conditions Iran is a clear and present danger to international security Immediate conditions 1 Irans complicity in Syrias atrocities 2 Irans complicity on assaults on diplomats around the world 3 The intimidation of CanadianIranian citizens Result severing of CanadianIranian diplomatic tiesLevels of analysis Individual Attributes of individuals Different ways of unpacking these characteristics
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