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Stephen Saideman

Lecture 21November 9 2011Canada in AfghanistanWhy did Canada go into AfghanistanRound 1 Article V Canada and the USoFirst time NATO invoked article V an attack on one is an attack on allRound 2 Iraq SubstitutionoMostly peacekeepingoJust giving Kabul some supportoCanada convinced everyone to make it a NATO mission so that they did not feel bad about being in itRound 3 Making a differenceoKandahar vs AlternativesoNATO was spreading around Afghanistan and the rest of the country came under NATO command oCanada took a lead role in AfghanistanoWhy was Canada with KandaharNATO splits up a country and gives each country responsible of a specific areaoKandahar was not the most violent place oViolence got out of control and the popularity of the war went downRound 4 doing the minimumoTrying to get out of AfghanistanoProviding training and supportoGetting out as soon as possiblePlacating the US vs CA national interestsoReasons why Canada went to AfghanistanCanada subsumed its national interests because were concerned with the US and we became to AmericanizedCanadian national interests were served multilateralizedwe helped NATO be part of this process our alliance Canada believes in the responsibility to protect R2PDifferential DangerInternational forces had uneven distribution of prices that were paid by different countriesOEF VS NATOOp Enduring FreedomoCounterterrorismoUSled ad hocoDirect influenceUS gives us what we need
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