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Lecture 22November 14 2011Competing Accounts for Reactions to Ethnic ConflictLess ethnic conflict today since the last 1520 yearsEthnic conflict CAN end it is not endlessVulnerabilityMutual self interestoMany states are vulnerable to ethnic conflict particulary secessionismoEspecially AfricaoMany countries do not get involved in ethnic conflict because they cannot run the risk of getting involvedoSucession is fairly prevalent and therefore if they have these problems themselves they will not get involved in another countrys problemsoIndependent countries had borders made that did not respect the ethnic make up of the areaReciprocityoRatify existing boundariesoRefrain from supporting secessionistsoThe problem is that these countries have supported ethnic groups in the otherReciprocity gone awryoIndiaPakistan SomaliaEthiopia etcoWhen the other side interferes with the ethnic conflict in the other countryoie India supporting BangladeshPakistan problemsoIndia with all its secessionist movements still supported the Tamil Tigers for a long timeoSomalia supported people in Ethiopia therefore Ethiopia did the sameoI do for you what you do to meCan work for cooperationDark side of reciprocityI hurt you you hurt meoAll dyads pairs of countries have played this game and it has ended poorlyRealismPick on the weakIf countries are fighting for security weakening your adversary is a good method of dealing with itoIndia had problems with Pakistan and until 1971 they had a two border problem from East and West Pakistan so they supported Bangladesh becoming one countryBalance against the strongoIf you balance power by joining weaker countries against stronger countries therefore there may be a benefit to that
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