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Lecture 20

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 20November 7 2011The International Relations of TerrorismDefinitionsTerrorism the use of violence against noncombatants to terrify societies and achieve political goalsPurposeful targeting of civilians in order to achieve a political goalFurther questionsoTargetsoPerpetratorsoOther activitiesGetting a political through the threat or use of violence to create fear so that it doesnt not continue afterwardsIts not about the people you kill its about making a statementConfused with gorilla warfareoPurposeful targeting of military personnel and installations in order to achieve a political goalKinds of terrorist attacksoUsually public targetsoDifferent kinds of attacksRemote controlled bombs IEDsSmallarms attacksSuicide attacksoPotential for much worse attacksImproving weapons technologiesBiological chemical radiologicaloPrimary attack typesBombingssecondArmed attackfirstKidnappingthirdUnknownfourthArsonfirebombingfifthAssultsixthSuicideseventhOther typeseighth Its not the actual numbers of deathsattacks that happen theyre a rare form of death except for Somalia Pakistan Iraq AfghanistanoIts not about the immediate damage its about the perceptions of itoIts powerfulrelevant as a tool because of the future of terrorism biological chemical radiological weaponsoCREATING FEAR AMONST PEOPLE
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