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Lecture 19

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 19November 2 2011Politics of International Economic Relations ContinuedDomestic Politics of Foreign Economic PolicyFree trade concentrated pain diffuse benefitsoWe all benefit a bit as consumer from free tradeoOur clothes are a little nicer and less expensiveoOur cars are cheaper and more efficient oIn terms of money not THAT much for consumersoie sugar in UShas constraints on how much sugar it imports from Caribbean because there are canebeet sugar industries across the states not huge but there are theretheir interests however are extreme therefore they concentrate their effort on the American political system by lobbying in congressspending money on campaigns to protect American sugar industryfor foreign policyit would be nice if these other countries had stable economies and get out of poverty but the sugar industry is very aggressivefor consumers those who have to pay like 5 cents more dont really carethose who NEED lots of sugar feel a lot of pain from this increase in price for American sugarosometimes the voices of the s
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