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Lecture 7

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 7September 19 2011Readings are onlinePaper one is onlinePOWERPower is a relative conceptoThe classical social science definitionthe ability to get others to do what they would otherwise not dooHow to get a country to do what they do not want to doie US trying to get other countries to get involved in the US invasion of Iraqsome countries did Canadians did not but went to AfghanistanoPretty hard to measureHow do you measureie if a country asks to do something and the other country does it is it cause they wanted to do or cause the country askedie US avoiding Soviet Union to enter Western Europethey never did it but was it because they didnt want to or because the US said nooMaterial componentsCosts or penaltiesCutting things out giving people stuff ie money oilPopulationhow many people did you havearming troopsBeforehow many in the empiregive them a spear and shield resources to minegrow to endure a warNowweapons technology is more complex therefore do you have many weaponsExisting weapons system qualquantie do you have enough weapons Good weaponsCanada has 0 functional submarines cannot do naval offenseoNo influence over naval activitiesCanada debating buying the F39 plane fighter bomber from USoCanadians debating buying 65 planes oIf they buy they have a very capable small air force which is better than other countries who dont have muchoWont be as capable as countries who have more planesHow strong the military issize technology training preparedEconomiesbigger vibrant economies is goodMobilizeable for war
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