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Lecture 6

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 6thSeptember 16 2011AnarchyStructural Realismsurvival of the fittestoAnarchy is the starting pointoSelfcentered rational actorsoGreat powers come and goSweden Spain PortugaloOver time what got you there at that point may not be good enoughwhat you need to be successful changesLiberalismanarchy exists but is not as dangerous as in realismoIts an uncertain worldmust worry about cheatingoAny bargain has uncertainty involvedoCan you get the other side to commit to an agreementoHow do you get to cooperation Make it easier Facilitate itoie European Union until GreeceoUN and League of Nations were built to facilitate cooperationoCare about the process of IRHow you consider IR changes influences the why and the what you doAlways changing throughout timeoie argue that we have become more costly and with a larger impactie war and the likelihood of it happeningoanarchy not so dangerousuncertainty cheating not survivalosystemic theorizing processes not just structureie War of 1812 where Brits beat USUS celebrates only battle they won Battle of New Orleans people keeping track of everything makes war harderpower of medialess international warostates not seen as rational actor but generally maximizing welfaremultiplicity of interestshow well off citizens arejobs income clean water etcowider agendaabout trade economics global warming ozone layernot just securityoother actorsmultinational cooporations BP Apple Sonytheir impacts on these countriesnongovernmental organizations Greenpeace Amnesty International Al Qaeda have big impacts on countries policiesomultiplicity of interests
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