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Lecture 8

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 8September 21 2011PolaritiesBipolaritycold waroOverreactionMultipolarityWWI WWIIoMisperception of alliesUnipolarityoDepends on how we look at the Russians China Europeans and BrazilBalances vs PreponderanceoClassical questions is equality or inequality better for peaceoNaturally if there is one greater power other countries will bind together to fight that poweroBalance of powerNo one state can be dominantBut opportunities seem to ariseoPreponderanceOne single most powerful stateCountries tempted by dominationGermanyPast 20 yearsUS domination largely unchallengedNo alliances against US although expectedNo controlie no stopping them in IraqIn the part Britain had dominance in the navy no one greater than them played moderatorUS domination now allows for moderation in the planet to be there to influence events regardless if you like them or notSafety net that nothing big would changeWhen power changes the most destructive wars happenIf theres a great power that you likedislike theres more peaceActors Interests and InteractionsActors and interestsoWhose interests matterTheory tell us who whatLots of potential actors but not all matter the mostWho do we care aboutTheories prioritize individuals states interests groups organizations etcoLeadersPursuit of office basic to rational choice much elseWhat are their interests
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